How to clean?!?


11 Years
Apr 3, 2008
Hi! Our little chicks are doing so good, I can't believe how fast they are growing!!!

All seem very healthy ...little bit of runny poo here and there but that sounds like its normal? We had one that had pasting last night and we took care of that but I'm wondering how the rest of you take care of it and how you clean them after??? I dont want the other to be pecking at her...

Help! We are having so much fun with them but still so very very new!

Jen & Mike


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11 Years
Feb 6, 2008
Southeast Coast of Florida
*Hi! Congrats on the chickees! You can wash them up with a few (like 3) drops of baby shampoo in very warm water (slightly warmer than you hands). I like the new foam pump no-tears formulas, too. Or, you can use baby wipes for sensitive skin. If the pasty is dry/caked a TINY dab of baking soda in the water will help soften it faster. ALWAYS change water when it gets dirty and ALWAYS rinse well. Dry as much as possible with soft paper towels (Viva are pretty soft) by pressing/dabbing/lightly rubbing. Make sure they are kept warm until fully dry.
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