How to close in the peak area on a dog kennel coop


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Oct 26, 2012
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Hi there! I have a 10x10 dog kennel for my chicken coop. I'm trying to figure out how to close in the gaps created by the peaked roof (tarp) I have seen some new tarp roofs that have the closed in peaks, but i can't seem to find one that doesn't include the hardware. I don't need the whole roof kit, just the tarp. It's too expensive to buy that way. Meanwhile, birds keep diving in and eating all the food and it's driving me nuts! Any ideas on how to fix this? Anyone?
A little difficult for me to picture.. I probably just need more coffee.
I *think* you just need to get some bird netting, just be careful throwing it up over everything.
It easily gets hung up in the roof shingles.
On sale this time of year, too, as there aren't any fruit trees producing. At least where I am.
But those pesky squirrels will chew through it after a while.
Good luck!

Silly me, didn't see...
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I know, it is hard to picture because i don't know all the right terms for it, and i just bought a new camera so i haven't taken a pic of it. Picture a dog kennel with a peaked tarp roof. But the tarp just goes over the top, not down the sides where the gaps are between the tops of the roof and the tops of the walls, on two sides anyway. And the birds around here are going nuts on chicken food. I've had the chickens for almost 2 years now and the birds have never been so bad about this before. Also, it's getting cold so i'd like to close those gaps in for wind and snow protection. We were lucky to have a very mild winter last year, but it can get ugly, you just never know. I figured i could just cut some tarp to match those areas and duct tape them in, or my other plan was to make cardboard cutouts, wrap tarp around them, and tie them in with zip ties. I just wondered if anybody had any better ideas.

Okay, i found a pic! BTW, this was taken when my girls were very young and had just been moved outside from the garage. I kept them penned until the dog got used to them. Now they free range all over the back yard. And all the only thing they have to worry about with the dog is beating him to the table scraps. Didn't want anyone to think i would keep them like this all the time!
Welcome to BYC!!! And I want to say that you have a lovely coop/run. I love the idea of having the coop right next to the garden. Now that I've finally gotten my coop situated, I'm hoping to add a garden in the spring.

I would think that you could simply cut some sections of hardware cloth to fit the spaces and then 'sew' it onto the poles with wire. Or better yet - wrap it around the poles and then secure with wire ties. That would also provide some secruity too.
Well thank you! I have enjoyed them so much! They have an odd way of making a home feel so much more homey,lol. And i don't even need to use the tiller anymore, i just open the garden during the off season and let them prepare the soil for me. On nice winter days, i go out and turn over the soil with a shovel, just when i feel like it, and they go mad. One of them even hops onto my shovel before i can even get the dirt out! That's a good idea, the hardware cloth,and i give myself a whack on the forehead with a "duh". I don't know why i hadn't thought of that!
I would take the topper off the kennel.I would then just use netting stretched over top of kennel pen using zip ties and then add the tarp roof back on. (seems like alot of work doesn't it?)

You can buy deer netting or fruit tree netting.

Around here those pesky birds just slip thru the sides of the kennel panels. I finally just kept the chicken's feed in their coop.

If you want to reduce drafts just use clear plastic to wrap the sides of kennel panels, it is less noticeable and not so much an "eye sore" ...
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