How to Compound Your Own Medications.

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    Have you ever wanted medicate a small chick or pigeon, but all your medications were in pill form and far too big to use on such a small bird? ? If so, this thread will teach you how to make your own compounded solutions.

    Items needed:
    • Mortar and pestle
    • Suspension Syrup
    • Syringe

    This is the mortar and pestle I use

    This is the suspension syrup I use:

    Treating pigeons for canker with metronidazole is almost impossible to do safely with pills, so what I do is take two of my 400 mg metronidazole tablets, grind them up and add 20 ml of the ORA-Plus Syrup to the powder. That gives me 20 ml of suspension with 800 mg of metronidazole, or 40 mg/ml.

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    Thanks for sharing, this could come in handy even for adult poultry.
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