How to control flies!


6 Years
Mar 17, 2017
I'm just restarting my flock, mixed ducks and chicks. Already I have a major fly issue, and I need help! I'm using deep litter in most of the run, which helps a lot, but I have moisture from the duck tub, and that seems to call to them. Any tips on how to control them?
No, I'm not interested in sprays. And the last thing I need are more birds = more manure! LOL

I'm an organic gardener, and in the past controlled flies pretty easily with homemade fly traps. However, this year the flies are happily ignoring my crafty traps. I'm baiting with some yucky compost that went bad before I got it outside. Normally, flies love that stuff....anyone have other bait ideas? Or additional things I can do?

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