How to determine fowl pox?

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    I have what I was told was a Production Red who is about 5 months old. She has just started laying eggs in the last week. Today I noticed two black spots on her comb. I thought it looked like pictures of fowl pox but have no idea what other symptoms go with it. She acts healthy, eating, pooping and laying normal. I'm not sure about other birds because I have mainly Polish which have no combs and I was not sure of what else to look for. Everyone seems to be acting normal. Should I separate her if she is not showing any other signs.... separate means bring to the house and unless I have to.... my husband doesn't approve of birds in the basement. I have a picture of comb.

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    I could be wrong, but the larger, lower spot looks like it might be bleeding. If so, that is from pecking. I have a couple of scrappers whose combs are ALWAYS banged up because they refuse to stop pestering the others birds so they get pecked in the comb.
    I would watch her closely to see if it looks like it's getting worse or spreading. To me, it really looks more like an injury at this point than pox.
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    I had almost the exact same question and I decided it wasn't FP. I've not had it yet but I think yellow spots precede the black dots (what I had noticed). So I would imagine an observant person would notice those first before noticing the little black dots...experts?
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    It could be pox, or injury- but if it is pox, you don't really need to separate her. It is spread by mosquito, and once they are exposed and get better- they are immune. Dry pox is scabs on the outside, it can be pretty severe though- sometimes they need TLC. Wet pox is the form you need to watch out for. Do you have mosquitos around this time of year?
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    I'm in Northern Michigan and it's been below freezing for more than a month so no mosquito's now. I was concerned it could be caught between birds after one had it. She didn't have any blood on her when I checked but I'll be keeping a close eye for pecking going on.

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