How to deworm the safe way??


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I have searched the forums and am still a little confused about de worming.

Is there a product I can deworm with that is safe for chickens (meaning I can eat their eggs and them with peace of mind)

I tried raw pumpkin seeds with buttermilk. My chickens seem to be above such a meal.

The thing is I do not know what type of worms they have, but am confident they do have them. Any help or pointing into the right direction would be great!

Have you tried DE???
I use that for all my animals all the time. I mix it right in with any feed/grains they get daily.
It's safe for them and you.
You can eat the eggs or even the meat the same day if you wish. There is no waiting period.
It's a white very fine powder. Also natural.
We have never dewormed our birds with anything else.
Some of the old farmers books I have read says to use a teaspoon of garlic although I haven't tried that yet. Not garlic salt...real garlic ground up. It did say it would make the eggs taste a little like garlic for a while.
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I'd take a fecal sample to the lab to see exactly what you are dealing with. I don't ever dose my birds for worms (even with "home remedies") unless I know what they have.
Depending on your infestation, and if it has a direct or indirect life cycle, you may need to make some environmental changes.
You can use Apple cider viniger in the water. Ive read it keeps there gut "flora" ? acidy, so that worms can live there. Or try garlic in the water.

I personally use Ivermectin. 1 inch strip in a 1 gallon waterer for 3-4 days.
One of my birds has been sniffling. We battled some sort of crud 3 weeks ago & I am not ready to go into full on hospital mode again. DD told me she wanted to administer our home 'people' remedy to her dear hen. She asked for some garlic cloves I had roasted for dinner. I thought there was no way this bird would eat any, but I took 4 full cloves & cut each in half. My mind was blown when the hen ATE IT ALL. Guess what? She is all better 48 hours later.

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