How to disinfect the whole yard after forgetting to quarantine

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    Aug 23, 2013
    Today I was given 7 new adult hens (buff Orpingtons and RI's). I was not expecting them to be in such terrible shape... the biggest one has pecked the rest nearly bald and when I put out food it was like piranhas on a steak. Feeling sorry for them, I put my own 4 BO's in their coop on the other side of the house and let the newbies out to free range a bit in the backyard (grass, playground mulch and a garden) for an hour. Uh oh. I forgot that you aren't supposed to do that. So, now my BO's are stuck in their coop til I find out what to do, and the others are safely quarantined on the other side of the house. Is it possible to lysol the whole backyard??? I can probably do the bleach/vinegar on the playground mulch, and my garden is basically empty right now except for a few tomato plants, but bleach on the grass.. not good. Thoughts? Or just let the sun do its job for a few days?

    The other question is, do I need to quarantine them before butchering them? I had planned to keep two and eat the rest.
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    I would just look up times for different organisms to die. Cocci can last on your shoes for 3 days. Lice and mites can survive for several days. Diseases like mycoplasma can hang around for 2-3 weeks.. You can't really sterilize your yard. Just go around and pick up droppings, and let it sit for a few days. I would look those chickens over for any eye or face swelling, nasal or eye drainage, lice or mites, or worms in the poo.

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