How to encourage consistent whole-flock laying times?


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May 15, 2020
My question: is there anything we can do to get the girls to lay timed more closely together?

DETAILS: We purchased five adult hens (three bantams and two cochin x) and nine white sapphire chicks a month ago from a bad overcrowded environment. They were tightly individually caged and the lights were on full brightness 24/7.

After the adjustment period with us, now the girls come to coop at night and are let out to range in the mid-morning.

We think four of the five adult girls are laying. But we have no consistency in time of day, either from one hen day-to-day or comparing one hen to another. They have adjusted to laying in two different consistent spots: the bantams in their coop, and the cochins in an improvised spot that we put together on a hunch. The bigger cochins bully the bantams when they’re in close quarters so the littler girls have their own spot for the night. We leave all the doors open during the day, and whenever they’re ready, any individual hen will go to her spot to lay.

Any advice appreciated!
No, there's nothing you can do. They aren't on an exact cycle, it takes roughly 26 hours to create the egg. For example, if chicken A lays first thing in the morning on monday, by the following sunday she's typically laying in the evening.

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