How to Enroll in 4-h Chicken shows

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    May 24, 2010
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    I would like to enroll my 7 year old son in 4-H so he can start raising and showing his own chickens. I don't know anyone in 4-H so I'm not really sure where to begin. I tried the website but didn't find the info I was looking for there. Any advice? He would like to start showing as early as next year.
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    Try contacting your local county Extension office. They would have a list of 4-H groups in your area.
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    And if they don't have a chicken club, then ask if any adjoining counties do. I have to say though, I think most programs start at age 9 unless they have a clover buds program. Most extensions have websites. Just do a Google search for "Yourcounty, STATE Extension" and you should come up with something.

    I wish our county had a chicken club!! Good luck!
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    Here is the general page you want:

    page shows a map of counties that you can click on to find yours:

    Pima county 4-H page:

    them a call and sign up!

    At seven years of age your son would be a Cloverbud so you'd want to inquire about local clubs who have kids in his age range. Cloverbud is good because while they get to participate and learn the ropes they are not judged the way the older kids are so he gets the fun, but not any of the pressure. When he turns eight he gets to compete.
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    There are SEVERAL 4-H chicken clubs in Pima County, as well as in Pinal County. If you are interested, The Aizona Poultry Organization has a show in Safford this weekend, with lots of kids' activities. You can email me for a show book.
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    Feb 22, 2011
    find a nice 4h group and they will start you off with a project/activity book. though its not just about showing the animal, there's skillithons, you have to make certain posters, you have to complete required activities such as community service, and go to seperate judging where its just you and the judge, no animals invalved. its quiet hard, since, depending on your 4h group you may have to go to other shows, not just county fair shows, like mine, but thats not always true. But its very rewarding and fun, and you aslo learn responsibility and life long lessons. they trouble you might have is your son is only seven, and if his birthday was after jan. 1, 2005 hes still considerd 6. To join 4h i think you have to be 8 and in 3rd grade, though things may have changed since i joined. ( i couldnt join because i was 8 but not in 3rd grade so i had to waith another year,) though it may be different where you live. contact your local county extension office. But if hes too youg he could be a cloverbud, so he wouldnt get judged in the same way as 4hers would. But i would go to the county fair, talk to people, watch the chicken judging( you get judged in an arena, exciting) and maybe talk to some judges befor geting started so things wont be so confusing, because it can get quiet confusing at times. Good Luck!!! (sorry its so long)

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