How to evaluate a leg,foot, toe injury. Not wanting to walk, mareks?


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Today my little boys favorite 4h show pullets is having trouble walking,injured toe/ foot I think. How do I know which one? My son said twice she was laying funny today, similar to a dust bath, but funny. He let them out and she did at some point make her way out but went under our utility trailer. She was there laying odd when he went out to visit with her. I stroked each leg, and don't feel or see injury. But setting her down she does lay to the right, tucking her left(injured leg up under her feathers) and trying to stand one of her left toes was under her foot.

What should we or shouldn't we be doing? Tips and tricks appreciated. How to diagnose or treat!

How do I evaluate the injury? How do I tell if its toe, foot, or leg?
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She is curling her feet up under her and happy to stay nesting in the house. Tried to get her to walk and she dragged one foot before laying down. I kept googling, mareks says paralyzed legs but since she curls them they aren't right?

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