How to feed carrot for treat?


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
I sliced a fresh carrot about 1/4 inch thick, thinking they would have fun pecking at the slices. (I'm a total newbie!) Instead, they half-heartedly pecked at them a little, then wandered away. Hours later the carrots were untouched, so I tossed them in the compost. Did I give up too soon? Or should I use a peeler to make thin strips? Or are carrots a bad treat?

You'll find through experimentation that your chickens will like certain foods and not like certain foods. Mine don't like carrots (or green beans). I had one girl who would literally back away from spaghetti like it was a contageous disease while the others attacked it. I guess it's like people; some like certain foods while others don't
I would try cutting it into ribbons with a vegetable peeler. I found that on average, I have to introduce treats twice before my girls really eat any of it. They are a bit 'chicken' and are scared of new things.
Mine liked carrots cooked better than raw...
but if you dont want to cook them.. i would shred them.
Does this apply to chicks also or is there a minimum age to introduce treats

It is probably best to start a new thread.....
Judy has not logged on in a few years sadly.

I think your question would fit in the raising baby chicks area here....

I can tell you that I personally do not introduce treats until mine are 12 weeks old. I want mine eating a proper balance and the chick starter is designed to do that.

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