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This question comes up a bit: "How do I find all the threads I started or posts I've made?"

Answer is simple! For example here's what our friend @Blooie would do:

Go to your profile page:
Click the "Information" tab.
Click Find all threads by Blooie

INFORMATION!!!! That's the critical step that was eluding me!!! Trying it right now!! Oh, and while I'm getting ready to do that, have I mentioned how much I LOVE being able to go do something else and have my started post sitting there, grayed out and ready for me to resume typing when I get back? No more scary, "Do you want to leave this page, stupid? Really? Because if you leave, I'm going to EAT everything you just spent half an hour typing!!" Okay, be right back.

I DID it! I DID it!!! Oh, how wonderful to know where that is!!!! Thank you thank you!

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