How to fix this problem?


8 Years
May 14, 2011
I have been putting them in the coop as soon as I see any try and sit on the nest box. The roost already is fairly close to the roof when they are on it their is not much headroom.
I am going to go out and see if perhaps I can lower the nest box a bit.
As soon as the sun starts to set they all pile on top of the nest box outside of the coop. I am wanting to get them to go into the coop and sit on the roost. I do not like having to pluck them like tomatoes and place them on the roost. ( They get a little snippy with me )
I do close them in at night. I just have to PUT them in lol they do not seem to like the roost in the new coop. In the main coop they had no issue using the roost. Only that Pepper the head hen would not let them come in willingly. (I had to hang onto Pepper until they were settled and then she would calm down.)
Maybe they're too warm in the coop and would rather roost outside. Is your roofing predator proof and covered?? If so, maybe it's not so bad they roost outside--that's less poo inside for you to clean
I have roosts outside as well as in and about half of my chickens sleep outside. In the winter, they come inside and sleep.
Ok I took a tape to the nest box and roost. The nest box is almost 5" higher at the hinges than the roost.

I can drop the height of the nest box... I think. That will have to wait til Saturday. It will make the nest box sit level with the floor of the coop. I will add a board across the front to keep the litter seperated from the nest material. I think I can drop it 7 inches if I go just below flush with the floor of the coop.

I will post pics when I have it moved.
I don't think the height of your nest box vs your indoor roost is the problem. It sounds like your chickens would just rather be outside. I bet they will still roost on your nest box even if you lower it. Perhaps try what others suggested- lock them inside to teach them to roost inside.

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