How to Free range your chickens

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    I'm new to chickens and I just rescently order a new flock from Mcmurrys Hatchery. When they become of age i would like them to free range i don't have a fenced in yard but i have a lot of land im just very worried that if i let them out of the coop there not going to go back in or there going to stray away any advice or what to do would be helpfull.
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    Let them out once a day for a few weeks as they grow older. Put some food in a place nearby wherever you want them to sort of stay around once they are free ranging, and let them have access to that food during the times you let them out. Once they have figured out that that is where their food will appear everyday, they will have no problem staying "around" that area. They probably will not stray far from it, even when they are free-ranging. My chickens always stay where they can see their food. We live on 25 acres and they don't go but maybe 50 yards away from their food at the farthest. The ones who sleep out of the coop at night even have their sleeping spots within 20 feet of the food.
    Good luck!

    p.s. Don't forget that when you free range their is a much bigger chance that something could happen to them, regarding predators.
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    u will need a coop and a run. the birds need to get use to it and once they do it becomes home or the safe haven and they will return to it every night. not to worry. the thing to worry about is free ranging is hazardous to there health. [preditors] everything likes to eat them. hawks , coyotes,coons possums,etc,etc..mine only free range when I am able to watch them.
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    Just keep them in the coop for about a week. Thereafter, they should return to it just before dark. I don't have a run and never have. My chickens free range during the day. Just be aware that with free range, there will likely be occasional losses.
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    X 2. Though even after they been in the coop a week or two, You may have to "herd" them in for a couple of days until they get the idea that's where they are supposed to go at night.(At least that's what I had to do)
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    Thanks for all the info its helpfull
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    As long as they know where their home base is (the coop) they will stay relatively close to it. For the first few weeks, they will stay within eye distance of it.
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    Think about cover birds can use avoid predators and placement of food resources (feeding stations) in close proximity to those cover patches. Mixed flock which icludes full adult rooster(s) will provide a measure of protection from diurnal raptors.

    You need to have a dog big enough to whoop a fox as well.
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