How to get a female budgie into breeding condition??


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Nov 1, 2015
Well im breeding budgies right and I know how to do it etc. so before you post please don't say 'well you don't know how to breed them so stop doing it' I DO know how to breed Budgies :)

This Pair though im having trouble with... the male budgie 'Vincent Von' who is currently in breeding condition is wanting to mate but not overly bonding with 'little marie' (the female) when they were put in a cage (a proper breeding cage with a nest box) the male went onto the females back but he dident mate (im thinking maybe they did but that was at least a week ago and little marie dosent even touch the nest)

However these two have now been separated (they werent overly bonded before so they don't care) Little marie is out of breeding condition but Vincent still is I would like to know how to get her back in breeding condition please :) (yes she has veggies and seed and lots of calcium and treats etc.)

Im just wondering...Vincent seems to be feeding a young budgie (well the young budgie is a boy but its stilll young) what's up with this??


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Do you have multiple pairs of budgies? Being colony breeders they oftentimes need to see and hear at least one other pair to get them into breeding condition. It sounds like you might possibly since you mention another young budgie. Also, some parrots just don't really like a particular other individual and flat out aren't interested in mating with them. If mating continues to not happen even with the proper set up and at least one other pair present it could be that they just aren't interested in each other. In that case you can try them with another bird.

Also in regards to diet, the veggies are good as is the calcium (are you offering it free choice in the form of a cuttlebone?) and treats are okay too but make sure you're not giving too many. Seed however isn't the best primary diet, and it's been proven to cause fatty liver disease in parrots and budgies are one of the most common species it occurs in so if possible you might want to try to gradually switch over to a pellet diet.

How old is the female?

A picture of your breeding setup might help too - budgies can be particular about the kind of nest boxes they like and that can also lead to a lack of breeding.

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