How to get around an ordinance for chickens

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    I was cited from the town hall because my coop is not far enough away from the property lines. My town ridiculously requires the coop to be 200 ft away from all neighbors.I do not have 400 plus ft on my lot. Does anyone know how or where I would start to get a variance? If my neighbors agree to the coop closer to their property would that help? My chickens are my pets and I will be devastated if I have to get rid of them. It makes no sense that a coop needs to be 200 ft from property, but a horse barn only needs to be 100 ft. How can I fight this.

    Please help!
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    To apply for a variance, if it is possible in your locality, you will need to go through the to which particular office in your city government would issue said variance you will need to contact city hall and inquire. It is usually the zoning commission, but can fall under different offices depending on the city. They will be the source of information specific to your situation with regards to whether a variance can be granted and what the process for seeking one will be for you. In the meantime, be working on a good Plan B so that you are not left in the lurch and scrambling at the expense of your birds if things do not go your way.

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