how to get rooster to stop running from me????


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May 27, 2010
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I have had all 4 of my chickens since they were just a couple days old. My 3 white ones are perfect. My one rooster, a SLW, runs from me like I'm going to hurt him! Is there any way to fix this?? When its time to go in, I open the door and wait for them to file in so I can close the door. The SLW refuses to go in if I'm by the door... I have to shut the other 3 in while I chase him down. It very frustrating. He was raised just the same and right along with my other 3.... Can I change his mind about me being a monster?
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Feb 23, 2008
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i dont honestly think there is, i have 4 chickens that i have had since there second day of life and only 1 comes up to me when i try to pet it or pick it up... so in my opinion i would think it would all depend on the chickens own personality and there is no way to change personality..

i mean if i have food in my hand they will all come up to me and let me hand feed them, but as soon as i move to shift or flinch they will turn and just walk away.. not run just walk.. and they wont let me go up to them. except for my one chicken...

oo and i have 2 buffs. and 2 Ameraucanas.... and the only one that comes up to me is the buff..

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