How to hang curtains in the corner for my hen's nesting area?


7 Years
Nov 4, 2012
Here is my coop:

The right corner beside the door is where she has decided she likes to lay her eggs. That's not a big deal as I think the getting up and down from the nesting box is a bit much for her big girl self. My pullets use the nesting boxes for sleeping and getting away from her, anyways. Any ideas on how to hang curtains to create a corner nesting box? Once the pullets are old enough, I'll block off the nesting boxes, I think. Use them for storage, unblock if I add more pullets to my flock later. Thanks!
You think that's why she won't get up there anymore? She used it happily for a while. I just figured she found a lower place that she's more comfortable with. How far away from and below should the perch be?
Curtain Rings??

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