How to hatch eggs. i desperately need help!!

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You have to wait until they go broody. Then mark the date on the eggs you want her to sit, and slip them under her. 18 days later, chicks, if they are fertile and she is a good mamma.
I am assuming you have a rooster. I would leave 6 or 7 eggs in a nest and see if someone sits on them. I have two hens that like to sit on eggs and get nasty if you take them away. I just had a fall hatch of a surprise 3 chicks from eggs they hid from me. When they raise them it is really no work at all and so much fun to watch them raise! Just let nature take its course and leave eggs in nest. I also had a young one that went broody during her first few weeks laying. I am collecting some eggs to plant in a nest in the next week, hopefully some hen will take the bait!

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