How to Help My Girls Feel Safe?

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5 Years
Sep 5, 2014
Southern Illinois
About 2 weeks ago, a predator got into my coop and got one of my girls. At the time I had 5. I've since reinforced the coop and made sure it was safer, but my 4 remaining girls no longer like to go into their coop at night to roost. They've been roosting in our garage, and have to be carried to their coop. Any suggestions on making them feel safer? I've tried giving them extra treats at night in their coop, and have tried not letting them free range for a couple days so they knew that it was their home.

I currently have this coop from Rural King: I'm not happy with it, but was hoping it would at least get me through the winter. I purchased it in May of this year, and have had my chickens since March.

Anyone have any other suggestions on how I can make them feel safe enough to want to go back to their coop to roost?
That's a good point I hadn't thought of. I'm not even sure what kind of animal it is. It took the entire body, but there was plenty of feathers and blood. Looks like I need to solve the bigger problem before I start complaining about carrying my girls across the yard to tuck them in. Thanks!

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