How to help this poor chick!! (video)


5 Years
Feb 8, 2014

This is a video of Marley who has had a problem since day one. Please can you try and give me an analysis and help me by telling me what to do. I have a wrap for the slipped tendon and a booty for the curled toes. i give her a couple of sips of poly visol mixed water at each human meal(breakfast lunch dinner {she doesnt like to drink on her own so i have to dip her beak})
Please help she doesnt like to stand on that leg and seems to be sleeping a lot. When her bootie fell off last night, i saw her foot was shaking.
Any help appreciated
-Bailey B.
Is she eating at all? Do you keep her with a buddy all the time? Is she being kept in the box with a buddy? Have you checked the temp? In my experience, if a chick is loud and not eating, they have some issue that will end up being fatal. You are doing every thing you can do for her. Good luck.
yah she doesn't seem to like it though. i have just decided I'm going to take her to the vet tonight .

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