how to improve egg quality/ color??

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    I've heard of chicken yolks being bright orange before, and my chicken's yolks are only still yellowish. Is there a way to get the eggs to become bright and vivid? Like, feed them something? Also, i heard certain foods make the eggs taste better. Dont get me wrong, i LOOOVE getting chicken eggs in the mornings but im curious. Please share any knowledge! thanks! [​IMG]
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    Greens are the best way to get the yolks orange - dandelions, kale, collards, chard etc. If the chickens are kept confined and only have access to commercially prepared food, the eggs will be very similar to the eggs produced by commercial chickens since those are....kept confined and fed a commercially prepared feed. Free-ranging and/or providing access to a variety of foods and particularly the greens, are what will make your eggs stand out from what you can buy in the store.
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    I have heard that both marigolds and alfalfa will orange the yolks up. There has to be variety from hen to hen, though. My girls all eat the same feed and get the same treats and forage the same number f hours, but one hen's yolks are noticeably the most orange.
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    My chickens free range all day and eat a lot of grass, green vegetation and bugs, besides their normal feed provided in the coop. My eggs have orange yolks. I think I read somewhere that the chlorophyll in the plants cause the yolks to be more orange, but who knows... it could be the bugs!

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