How to integrate chicks?


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Nov 12, 2018
Hello everyone.

I'm going to be getting some chicks soon, but I have absolutely no idea how to integrate them! I want to integrate them early so the girls can teach them a thing or two and so they can get along well. My girls are in a totally closed pen. I have an old dog crate I have access to if that could be useful. They will be four female chicks, if that makes a difference. I also have the wooden brooder the girls were raised in. I would appreciate any advice y'all have on this. Thank you in advance for the answers.
Hi there. The best way for me is to get them outside by day 3 in a separate area where they can see each other but they can't mingle. When the chicks are 4 weeks or so I let them out in the evening at first so they can all hang out but I supervise. Once I'm confident pecking isn't going to lead to bloodshed I leave them alone.

Having things your chicks can get under or behind and away from the big girls is helpful. I keep the brooder open but the door provides size restriction...the chicks can come and go but the big girls can't. Gives the babies a place to get away completely.

Good luck!
Here is what I do, they are out in the coop separated by hardware cloth from day 1, and I integrate at 2.5 - 3 weeks old. This video is from a few days ago but the man doors are open full time now at 5 weeks.


Video from few nights ago

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