How to introduce 2 new hens to 1 old hen (preparation)


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Aug 12, 2019
I’ve always tried to have 3 hens (it’s an amount I can deal with easily!) and my ancient battle axe hen ‘Fanny’ died a month or so ago, so I’m left with two hens that are around 1-2 years old (this is a rough guess as I’m not sure of their ages 100%) a couple of days ago a dog managed to get in their big garden (one tiny hole under the gate it could wiggle through) and bit one of the hens in the butt leaving a small wound (which I’m dealing with fine)
She was in shock the first night and I thought she could die but she’s doing great, but it got me thinking and I need to prepare..

So my question is this - eventually one of these girls will die, might be soon, might be in years to come and it will leave the other on her own. I don’t want to introduce 2 new hens now as I don’t want 4 hens ideally. But when I have 1 hen left I’ll go and get 2 more for the flock. They’ll go in quarantine etc, but introducing them to the one old hen, will it be any different than normal? That older hen will be alone, sleeping in the coop alone at night. Would I need to risk it and introduce them any quicker?? I have LOADS of land space & can build new coop areas easily if needs be.
Funny thing is, I used to have 5 hens and these two I have now were the new ones themselves. I checked them over for issues & made two separate runs side by side divided by a high temporary wire fence & they had a coop each. I put them in and they were all watching each other through the mesh. I later went out to the shop and when I came back, the two new ones had flown over the fence & were dust bathing / scratching with the old ones?? I couldn’t believe it, 1 hour to integrate.. They’ve got along fine ever since and all that happened was my old hen pecked their butts once or twice, that’s it.. you can’t make it up! :confused:

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