how to keep predators away from tie cords?

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    I there a way to keep predators away from stags etc on tie cords? I see alot of people have there fowl on cords and I guess they somehow have no predators.
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    I think most birds are caged at night even if they are tied during the day. Most predators like to work under the cover of darkness, so if they are in at night then they are safe.

    Good luck.
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    I had a neighbor down the road that had stags on cords, he hept them in a field tied to blue 50 gallon drums with a hole cut out of them so they could get out of the weather,.
    He used hot wires and a couple dogs to keep the critters away, worked well till he got rid of them cause cock fighting was outlawed in Louisiana
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    You can use same technique for non-gamefowl as well. I am using same to keep brood roosters separate from each other and hens without having to resort to using pens which are much more expensive. This keeps feathers in shape for show and helps keep parts of pasture from being overgrazed. A fence keeps predators like lazy dogs out and dogs ranging among tie-corded birds keep out other mostly wild predators. Birds roost in some sort of individual roost unit (i.e. blue barrels, dog houses). Dogs must be competent and losses when they occur are usually around perimeter of yard.
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    the best way to keep a rooster on a tie chord ( well the easyest way) is to give them a teepee almost as tall as yourself (or smaller depending on how big you are) id say 5 ft is fine. and make them heavy because wind can catch them
    but its just 2 by 4s and tin and some staples and screps and you have yourself the best thing for a rooster
    keeping them on chords is a great way to let them almost free range it improves the overall fitness of the birds and they love it. after a few days they wil get used to it and not go to the end of ther reach (they do this and stretch one leg outand get stuck laying down. but if you build the teepee put somthing on top so that the roosters can roost on top of it. measure out the length of your tie chod 5-10 ft and make shure the bird cannot reach any other birds and make shure the shelter is at the end of his rope so that he can get on the teepee but cannot go over the other side. he will hang himself

    - if you have fat roosters this wont work because they cant fly up 5 ft so make them a little lower
    - i also use dog houses they are great but they poop on the side andit sticks
    - i have one barrel that i use but it is my least fav. because it just dosent seem big enugh but it works great for keeping him out of the rain.
    - rosters will fight on chords so if you have stags( young roosters) running around be careful to catch them up before they become too agressive (when they start shapening their spurs ) because once it rains they will fight the other chickens on the chord (because they look different/smaller since they are wet) and even a small chicken an hurt a big one on the cord because the one on the cord will go to the end and get stuck there an the stag will have no resistance and just beat it till it gets bored.
    i had this hapen once and i saved the rooster on the chord but my post got taken of this website becuse aparently i "discussed roo *ighting and aparently thats not ok even though i do not condone it.

    the best leg hitches are the EZ hitch ones not the rubbery ones
    once in a bind i used zip ties, parachuted and a cinder block to tye a rooster up under our deck
    it worked:)
  6. A good electric fence will keep most predators out, and confine your LSGD inside the area where your chickens are kept. In fact when I tried to step over my fence I found out that I wasn't as tall as I thought that I was. Then the top wire touched me in a tender place. If you'll try it some time you'll swear by or maybe I should say swear at your electric fence. [​IMG]
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