How to make a roost for the coop

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    my chickens are sleeping in the egg box because i don't have a roost inside of the coop (but the run has a roost) I need to make a chicken roost but my DIY isn't great. I'm wondering if i should buy a new roost for £25 or if i should have a go on my own with some wood i have laying around. Has anyone had a go at making their own before if so do you have any tips, pics or a video for me please?
  2. Hokum Coco

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    Dec 6, 2012
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    I mounted two level 2x4 (in Canada 2x4 are actually 1&1/2inch x 3&1/2inches) 24inches long on the side walls of my coop equal distances from the floor. (24 inches is what worked in my case this measurement will be subjective to your installation.)

    I tacked 2 laths 5 inches long on the nose of each 2x4 flush on the bottom.

    I then placed one 2x4 the width of my coop flush against the lath between the side walls of the coop.

    I then put in 4 pieces of blocking 1&1/2 square.Which would put a second roost (not visible in this photo) in the middle of the 24 inch 2x4 held in place by blocking to keep it equal distance from the front roost and the end wall of the coop.

    I then scabed on two pieces of scrap lumber to form a lip on the bottom of my 24 inch 2x4 supports to hold a piece of paneling to serve as a poop board.Maybe 2 cross members might serve better in a longer span in your case.

    I find my poop board now gets double duty as it catches any eggs laid through the night and lets me deliver them to the house after a brief wash.

    Plus it catches the nightly poop that makes keeping the coop clean mush easier and the litter on the floor of the coop last longer.


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  3. cluckcluckluke

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    I actually think everyone make their

    I made mine from the branches of a fallen tree.

    Sorry no pictures..yet!

    Might get some up.
  4. redneck farmer

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    I cut some old logs layin round an put one across an one diagonal so my chicken could walk up them roost
    Those little guys were up there for hours havin fun on the roost
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    I cut little blocks off the end of a 2x4 and screwed them to the inside walls of the coop. Then I cut a 1x6 just long enough to sit on top of the two blocks and secured them to the blocks with screws. The reason I used a 1x6 is when they sit on it they will be able to actually sit down on their feet to keep them warm during winter months.
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    I just screw a scrap 2x4 block to the wall to rest the roost bar on. I like landscape timbers for roost bars! Pressure treated beefy and around 4 bucks for an 8 ft long pole. They are rounded on the edges and the perfect width to keep the chickens "feetsies" warm during the Winter.


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