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    I found a link that answers a LOT of questions about shipping live animals and think it would make a great sticky.
    Here is the link to the thread

    so who so I talk to about making this something more accessible? It answered many of my questions I've had for a while now, and may help others as well. The FAQ's posting is closed so I can't add it to there .

    Can an Admin help out please? Maybe this info is sticked somewhere else and I didn't find it, but if not... could you look and see what you think about adding this to the learning center or the FAQ's page maybe?

  2. ranchhand

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    Aug 25, 2008
    Hi, great idea!

    The problems I see are that that thread is at least 3 years old and the USPS has changed quite a bit in that time. All the info can be accessed at as well, and will be more current.

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