How to make cheap covered pens?


6 Years
Sep 17, 2013
Two Muscovy Ducklings (6 weeks old) vanished from our nicely fenced (read coyote proof) area last night. The remaining two are fine. Big old crows are hanging around and did spend the spring lunching on Muscovy eggs and chicken eggs from the barn. (We watched them fly off with them in their beaks!) We've had owls kill poultry and rabbits previously. So, I think we need a covered pen. What is cheap, easy, big, and moveable. DIY is fine. Thanks for your help. So glad to join this forum and turn sadness into action.
hi ya cedarmountain

i use this here i got the 3 inch ,but you can go smaller

tis cheap as chips and stops my leghorn Blonde

clearing of at night, even with a clipped wing she'll still try

the Harry Houdini act

Health and happiness
Thank you, AnIrishFarmer! Good idea. Forgot about that type of netting. I feel better already just knowing there is a comeback!
And thanks for reminding me about the emoticons. They help, too. lol
you are more than welcome

I forgot to add, I use bamboo cane

for a frame ,and draped the netting over

I had to extend the bamboo ,so I just zip tied the bamboo together ,

keeps the cost down ,and when my leghorn decides

she's gonna stay ,lol I'll take it all down

I'll put up a picture tomorrow when it's light

Health and happiness
hi ya

here's a few pics

this space was made for my dog, when we moved here

which he never slept in lol ,go figure he thought the house was more comfortable lol

I first used the orange ,safety screen, but it wasn't high enough for Blonde

Health and happiness
Thank you so very much for the pictures. You've given me a lot of ideas and probably will save some duck lives in the future! I stuck the ducklings in an actual chain link dog kennel with a tarp over the top last night. Small, but safe. Hubby said he saw an owl in the vicinity--which would explain the loss of ducklings the night before. I like the use of the netting, bamboo, and that orange safety stuff as well. I do appreciate your help. You've given me great ideas for how to contain the ducks and keep them safe.
Thank you!

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