How to make chicks drink?


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Jul 27, 2012
Hi there, i have just hatched 7 chicks and they are currently 3 days old. I am struggling to get them to drink. I keep dipping their beaks in but they don't seem to drink themselves no matter how much i dip my finger in and try to teach them. I have managed fine with the previous ones i've hatched so don't know why these are being so awkward.

Although they might be drinking when i am not about they never have drunk when i have been with them and don't like it when i dip their beaks in it.

Any help and advice would be appreciated. Thanks, Darren.
As long as you have been dippin their beaks in it. I've always had more success by dippin my finger in the water showing them, they usally get the hang of it. What kind of waterer ate you usin?
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just normal cold tap water, it soon warms up though with the heat from the lamps.
Hold the chick in your hand with your index finger extended along its neck to its head, dip the bill in the water and allow it to straighten up--this should be enough to give them the idea.

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