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I had a rooster who attacks me when I go into the coop. This just started a couple of months ago. He leaps up, flaps, and scratches my leg. I gentled bump him off, but it's starting to get annoying and my husband won't go into the coop anymore since he's quite annoyed at him. Does anyone know if there is anything I can do? Is he do some pecking order kinda thing? He's the only rooster; would that have anything to do with it? I'd appreciate any advice on this. Thanks!
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There are so many posts about aggressive roosters on here. If you do a search you'll find hundreds...all with advice on what to do and what not to do.

The one thing I know is that you can't let him get away with this behavior. Now, what you do to stop him is the question. I've read to pick him up and hold him until he's submissive. Walking around with him tucked under your arm is supposed to humble him (for lack of a better word). I've heard that you can hold him upside down, but then I've heard that this could be dangerous for him if you do it for too long. I've read that you should kick him back...or walk at him until he retreats...or put him in time out. All of these ideas have worked and not worked for others, so if you read through a lot of those posts you find when you search, you'll get a good idea of what you can try. If one thing doesn't work, then you can try another. A lot of people would say to cull him b/c they just don't tolerate an aggressive roo.

Good Luck
I have tried all of those methods on mean roos but I have had no success. Try the methods though, it works on some roos. The reality is if u cant change their behavior the only safe thing to do is Cull them. There r too many roos to keep the mean ones, its also not safe for anyone. Not trying to be rude, just tellin the facts... Good Luck!

O I did have some success for a while by carrying a water gun and squriting him when he would come after us, they hate getting wet! It only worked for a few monthsweeks though, had to cull him last week... Maybe that will work for ur roo for good!

Good Luck! Let us know if anything works!!!
I carried my roo around under my arm while I did some chores I only did this a few times and now he leaves all the humans alone. I think a lot depends on the rooster. I would not have culled my rooster he is a special rooster so working with him was the only option for me. Good luck.
I personally have learned to "boot" an aggressive rooster out of the way. Not so you hurt it terribly at all, but to let it know who is "boss." And then I will chase it around the yard swinging my arms and stomping my feet heavily at it even welding a broom, etc. at it to scare it...without even touching it. Occasionally I try to remember to chase it even when it is "doing nothing."

So far, it has kept most aggressive roos from attacking me again.
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When I get one that is aggressive, I dispose of him!
I have 2 aggressive roos (one more than the other). I have learned to never let my guard down around them. Most of the time they are fine when I go in the coop, but if I am ever in a hurry and don't really pay them any mind... that's when they will try to come after me. I normally wear boots when I'm feeding the animals.... I will play a little rooster football if they get frisky. They will run off and leave me alone. You cannot act like you are afraid of them.... they sense it and will try to bully you. You have to be the boss and don't be afraid to let them know it!
According to Minnie Rose Lovgreens advice in a nut shell swat him with a board. That'll learn him.

Of course it would help to wear something less upsetting to him when you go into the coop. The color red is not a good idea.


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