How to move chickens from 2 separate coops to 1 coop in new barn.

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9 Years
Dec 23, 2010
We are building a new barn and will want to move our 12 hens and 1 rooster along with 10 additional hens from a second coop together into the barn. We know to have a proper set up with roosts and next boxes etc. Just wondered if advice could be offered regarding the best way to encourage chickens to roost in their new residence. They free range on as large an area as they can cover during the day.
You shouldnt have any real problems with transferring them over but I would keep them closed in for the first week or 2 so they get the idea this is where theirs supposed to be.
I kicked the big girls out of their converted stall and run. This way the little peepers have a chance to get used to their new home. They've been in there over a week already while the biguns have the rest of the barn to mill around in. Plus they free range all day, so it's actually a blessing. When the little ones finish their starter/grower (about 2 weeks from now) I'll open the stall door. They will have seperate feed and water and lots of places to roost, run, or hide. When and if it ever stops raining they can all go out to explore.

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