How to move chickens?

Discussion in 'Managing Your Flock' started by Utard, Jan 3, 2014.

  1. Utard

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    So I am thinking of moving from a house that sits on 1/6th of an acre to a place that has 80 acres.

    Yes that will be a HUGE change of life for me.

    Here is my delima move the chickens or sell them and start over?

    To get to the new place it will be a 6 hour drive non stop.

    I am sure they will be happy with this going from a 50 square foot coop that is maybe 2 cubic yards of room and a run that is about 120 square feet. Plus the fact they could never be let out of the run. Going to a planned coop that will be walk in and floor of 8' x 12' and about 25 cubic yards of room with endless area for them to roam.

    Can they make the move/change and adjust to the larger space? Or am I better off selling them and starting over? I have 7 hens that hatched 6/2013.

    I am thinking if I move them it would be nice to get the new coop built first instead of getting them up there in some temporary housing for them?

    Any suggestions or insight would be helpful thanks.

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    If it were my flock, I'd take them with. It would be best if you could have their coop built first, so when you get them there, they know where home is. If the run is to be attached to the coop, I'd leave them locked in the run/coop area for several days (I usually keep new chickens locked in for a week) so they get used to going into the coop at night, and will continue to return once you let them out to roam.
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  3. When I had to move my chickens once(our forest was on fire,so we had to evacuate)I just put them in rubber made containers, than bunged some leftover chicken wire on top and they were perfectly fine afterwards(the farm we took them to is only 3 hours away though). They had no food or water, but you'll prabbibly want to give them some since they'll be in there twice as long as mine were. Maybe you could stop for a half hour or so and get them something to eat and drink, I don't know, but I'm sure they'll live even if you don't ;) . And it might take a few days for them to get used to the new coop, but they should be fine(don't let them free-range for 4 days or they'll try to find they're old home, and might leave and never find they're way back)
  4. Utard

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    That is kind of what I was thinking.

    I am going to build one of those draft free open vent coops. Can't remember what it was called but someone put a link to the guys book from the early 1900's. It seem like a very logical design.

    But yeah keep them in coop for a week or two. Then move out to the run until spring snow melts. Then free for the summer. I really hope that saves on feed when they have an acre to roam for food?
  5. Utard

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    I was almost thinking of letting them have the whole truck bed?

    I have a pickup truck with a shell on the back. So lots of traveling room.

  6. Chickens HATE sliding around so you'll want them pretty tight, but not too tight. So maybe you could block off a section and put them in there :)
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  7. Utard

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    Then maybe back to my other idea? Some Cardboard boxes with wood chips in the bottom? Do you think they might be happier in their own boxes each then? Or just a smaller area in general when being moved? Boxes would also be an easier clean up.
  8. lazy gardener

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    I'd box them up, put several/box, obviously be sure to give them air holes! It'll be great for you to watch them acclimate to their new home.
  9. Yeah, that would work, you can put em together or separate, it dosnt matter :)

  10. Utard

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    Alright the move will be happening soon.

    It will be anytime after the 15th as soon as I am ready and have a space in the barn ready for them.

    Anyone have anymore ideas/tips for me. It will be 7 chickens.

    As for preparing the new place I have a small spot (10x12 feet ) in the barn. The walls are about 5-6 feet tall and the doorway maybe about 4 1/2 feet? How high can a 8-9 month chicken jump? I was thinking at the height of the walls to put a strip of chicken wire? That should make the wall at about 9-10 feet high. Should I be worried about them getting that high? As I will move them and then not be around for 3-4 days until I come back with another load of stuff.


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