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    Apr 16, 2011
    2 of my 7 1 week old chicks have pasty butt. I have been cleaning them off but it keeps reoccuring. I have heard of oat meal helping in some way what's that about and what can I do to stop it from happening again or something to help the poor chickies... and because its so unplesent every time I put my hand in the brooder to do something they run away in fear [​IMG]. Is there a way to help the chicks understand that I'm not hear to hurt them.. any advice would be sooo helpful. Thank you

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    Pasty butt will end soon, believe me. A couple of my chicks only had it for around 10 days off and on, although I picked up each one daily held it and checked. They are a bit young for treats other than their regular chick starter, but I would hold off another week on the oatmeal. I recommend washing them off at the sink with soapy fingers and warm running water--no cloth or trimming feathers--and it comes off after a few seconds. Just dry with tissue. Some do recommend putting a touch of oil (veg, olive) with a Qtip on their vent to help keep it from sticking agin, but I found it wasn't necessary. Do make sure they are drinking well, even place an extra tiny waterer in the brooder and dip their beaks a few times. They will be scared of you every time you handle them, but I felt like it helps them get used to you.
  3. Molasses in their water is the cure. Mix in enough to make the water look like weak tea and give it to them for one day after you clean their little butts. Believe it or not, pasty butt is a symptom of constipation. the white runny stuff gets by the blockage and sticks to their butt. Gitter done..........Pop

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