How to prepare my personal page for coop design posting


9 Years
Sep 8, 2010
I just finished building a small coop. I took pictures as I went along, and I have some explanatory text, all of which I'd love to share.
You have a great coop design page. In fact, my design is an amalgam of three of my favorite designs from that area! Thank you!

So now I would like to make my own contribution to your coop area. I watched the short video of how to create a BYC personal page, and I think I can handle that aspect of it.

But I'd love some hints on how best to format it for display in your coop design area. In particular:
1) Your coop design area has a single picture which links to a personal page. Do you select the picture from those I upload, or do I specify it somehow?
2) Do I put all of my photos and design text on one long page, or do I break it up into multiple pages?
3) I can't do this all at once, and I don't want to publicly publish an incomplete page design. Can I save my work as I go along, without publishing it?
4) Any other hints?



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