how to put a price on flock?

Discussion in 'Turkeys' started by CARS, Jun 20, 2011.

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    Fathers day was not so good to me. A couple neighbouring dogs killed 3 of my Bourbon Red toms (and a pea hen).

    The owner of the dogs said they will make it right with me. Problem is we haven't discussed the details. Like the fact that these are not butterfly turkeys. I searched and see dressed br's for 125.00 or up to 6.95 a pound!

    This flock was not going to make me rich, but I was working on a sustainable flock. Now I need to start over.

    How much do you think one year old time are worth?
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    Sorry for your loss! A 1 year BO Tom is worth about $45.00 in my area and a 1 year IB peahen is around $75.00! So, that would be $210.00 I would ask for from my neighbor. Maybe he might do something with the dogs then. Look on CL or something in your area asn see what it will be to replace them. I would also let them know if you see the dogs back, they won't be going home and explain how long it takes to get breeding birds and you cand have a dog setting you back 1-2 years over and over!
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    I am also sorry that a dog got your birds.

    It is interesting that live breeding birds seem to be worth less than dead butchered birds. If you raised your turkeys from poults, and feed was about $10-12 per bag, you probably have about $45 into each turkey. (I just figured this for my birds becasue someone was interested in my BR hen). It would seem, then, that they should sell for more than this, but they don't. Butchered birds can sell for substantially more, as you observed.

    I think you could make the argument that purchase and feed were about $45, and that you also lost the time you spent caring for the birds, and that their actual worth should be higher. You could then use the cost of butchered birds to base your value. $7/lb is high for most of the country. I get $4.50/lb, and if you wanted to use this as a measure of worth, others could chime in. Also, be aware that that is per lb dressed, not per lb live. I would use this argument to suggest that your turkeys were probably worth $70 to $80 each.

    Just to see things from the other side, and maybe to save you more problems in the future, what steps have you taken to protect your flock from natural predators from which you cannot seek reimbursement? If you protect your flock from bobcats and coyotes, they will probably be safe from dogs. I would suggest that a wise investment of anything you get from the dog owner would be fencing and a few posts, and maybe an electric wire.
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    Thanks for the replies. I was guessing around 75.00 each. Then I googled and saw what soon were getting!

    I have had birds in pens for years. This is the first time anything has got my birds. The dogs broke the glass on the doors (old storm Windows). Our dog tried to intervene, but was no match for these hunting dogs. They were very sweet dogs, but they spent the last 24 hours in "jail". I couldn't contact the owner so the cops were called. I won't press any charges if they make it right with me.

    Not the end of the world, but sure wasn't my ideal fathers day [​IMG]
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    People who don't own birds have no clue of their value! I had a neighbors dog get out and kill a bunch of my turkeys. He offered to pay and I told him $45.00 a turkey and wouln't worry about the loss of 90 eggs at $3.00 each for all the hens killed. He was shocked thinking $8-10 per turkey. I told him if we get rid of the dog, we would call it even. The dog is gone!

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