How to put weight on ducks

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    Jun 2, 2013
    Its getting close to winter time and my vet wants me to put a little weight on my ducks.The problem is 6 out of my 8 have put on weight.My vet has checked them for worms and they are fine.He told me to up their up their feed and I did they now have 24/7 access to feed.They also go outside from 8:00am till 7:00pm everytime to forage and three times a week they get some meal worms.Any advice on how to get a little weight on them?
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    When my broodies were getting a little thin, I decided to give them extra peas and at the same time put poultry vitamins with electrolytes and probiotics in their water. Something else to consider is some dry cat kibble. Not too much, but it has some extra protein and vitamin D (at least mine does - it is Eagle Pak). So a combo of a little kibble and some peas with vitamins might be worth a try. My broodies are looking pretty good. Of course, now three of the four are molting, having gone off the brood. Romy, our last one, hopped off the nest today and has been with the flock all day, so she may be done.
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