How to quarantine? HELP!

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    I have about...75 birds, including turkeys that are going to fair next month. Greedy little me got more birds yesterday..and one of the new ones is sneezing. She seems suddenly lethargic. It was a big climate change (from low elevation and 100 degree highs, to 7000 feet and 80 degree highs), so could that be the cause? All the others seem fine. Anways, i wanna isolate them, but i have two empty pens: one the turkeys are supposed to be graduatiing into this week. The pens are ajoined. Im thinking of putting the new birds in rabbit hutches in one pen, and i want to put the turkeys in the other...BUt is that tempting fate? HOW CONTAGIOUS ARE RESPITORY THINGS? In the last 8 years ive had birds, never had sick ones yet (knock on wood), and im not sure what to do. Ive got the Vet Rx and Terramyacin type stuff at the ready (its called amadomycin or something), but am I risking it by putting them as next door neighbors? Also, these pens are about...400 feet from the rest of my birdies.
    What should I do? I dont want them to stay in their travel cage another night, and I cant leave the rabbit hutches up by the house cuz we have a chicken eater of a dog that will get into it.
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    Respitory illnesses are VERY contagious. I think it's just the stress from travelling and as you said a change in climate; but to be on the safe side I would keep them seprate for a week to be certain there is no illness in them. To help with the stress and to give her a bit of a boost I would reccomend making a wet mash for her. I got this recipe from Glenda L Heywood:

    "natural probiotic recipe is is:
    3 tbsp of dry crumbles
    4 tbsp of milk, sweet, sour, or buttermilk or a mixture of all or some
    1 tbsp of yoguart of non flavored yoguart ( no artificial sweetmer)
    mix good

    and add 1- 400 mg of Vit E for chicks or
    ( USE 1,00 mg of Vit E for adult chickens)
    by cutting the end off the vit E capsule for each chicken fed this wet mash
    putting Vit in the wet mash "

    Also add 2 tbsp of apple cider vinegar per gallon of the chicken water so their gut flora wil be regulated
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    If respiratory is viral, no antibiotics, especially something weak like Terramycin, will help. And even if it's bacterial, many of them make the recovered birds carriers (so they really are never fully recovered and can pass disease to others). 400 feet away seems a decent distance, but it's tricky having ill birds on the property, considering that you can't see germs and may pass them around to your current flock on your clothes, shoes or hands.

    If sneezing is the only symptom, could be environmental, but obviously, we can't diagnose the bird on the net. Just make sure they are far, far away from your birds for a month and observe and listen to them. And do not use antibiotics on them during quarantine. You need any symptoms to come to the surface so you can remove any ill birds from the area and never add them to your flock.

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