How to re-introduce a baby back in?


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Mar 15, 2015
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Almost 2 weeks ago, it will be 2 weeks Saturday, one of our dogs got a hold of one of our girls, Forest.(daughter was told NOT to open that door, of course teenager doesn't listen and door doesn't get closed and of course it is my dog, Lhasa Apso, that got the baby).

Anyway, with the way we are with animals, I call our vet, they don't do chickens but refer us to another vet, call them and they say bring her in even though that particular doctor is in surgery saying she will get treated faster if we drop her off now so the vet can check on her as soon as her surgery is done. We drop her off at 11am. Forest's neck is NASTY, we can see everything! It really isn't bleeding but it looks like she has been skinned alive.

They call us and say we can pick her up at 3:30 The poor baby almost looks worse than when we dropped her off! The vet cut a lot of her neck feather off in order to stitch the neck flap back on, apparently this is a pretty common injury for a chicken (when and if people do take a chicken to the vet caused my dogs and cats). Thankfully it was, for us anyway a minor vet bill, $145. I swear we should own a wing at a new Emergency Pet Clinic that opened because of our daughter's dog in December, that one cost us $1600, and she said "it's only money!"

So we bring her home, hubby builds an isolation cage inside the coop and that is how things have been. During the day, they will all nap on the floor right next to Forest, at night the other go to the roost, Forest has her own.

Now on to the next step. We have been letting Forest out with the other girls with us hovering over the top of her, needless to say several are jumpy. (It is really cute, when Forest wants up she is like a toddler, she will dance in front and to the side of you, looking up until you pick her up. Kari, daughter, had/has really people'ize her the most which is why it was so easy for my dog to get at her). They are all the same age, 11 weeks today. Some of the other girls don't bother her but some do. How long should we keep them apart? How do we get them to all get along and get them back together?

I read this site a lot and love the information so I look forward to hearing your advice, Thank you!

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Dec 15, 2011
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Stitches out yet? If so and she has been in the coop in that cage then she should be alright. I would watch at first to see how the others react If they start picking at her injuries, remove her again till it is healed further.

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