How to relocate a dislocated hip?

Oncoming Storm

Jun 3, 2019
So a rooster of mine got himself into a pickle while I was gone and when my dad tended to him, he basically got him out of the pickle and set him on the floor and went on his way. SO, here I am. He’s improved after a couple days- going from it being completely not where it should be to him being able to stand and put some weight on it. But the hip is still out of socket. When I pick him up, the leg kind of dangles loosely. I poked and prodded and moved his leg around. I didn’t feel any breaks in the leg or elbow...but I’m just now thinking that I didn’t actually check the hip for any breaks. He didn’t react in any pain to my moving his leg around so I thought it was more likely a dislocation. So, is there a good way to get it back where it needs to be?
How is your rooster doing today?

I don't know how to relocate a dislocated hip.

Were you able to verify if that is what is needed?
*imagines a rooster inside a literal pickle*

I don't know about the dislocated aspect but for any leg injury, youd likely want to keep him penned up in a dog crate or something so he rests it to allow it to heal. Obviously it healing in the right orientation is ideal so I hope someone else has info on that.
He’s doing a lot better and is moving around on his own. He’s putting more weight on it and it looks like it’s staying where it needs to be for him to move. He’s still tender and limps but it’s definitely not as bad as it was to begin with.

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