How to select BCM and Welsummer chicks


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Mar 7, 2010
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Hi there! I am going to pick up some BCM and Welsummer chicks from an add on craigslist. I would like females and have heard that I can tell gender in Welsummers as chicks. Can someone please show me some pictures to demonstrate the differences between males and females? What else should I look for in both breeds? They BCM are advertised as French Standard.

Thanks for your help!!
How old are the chicks you'll be looking at?

With young BCM's there's no way to tell. If they are older (2-3 weeks) just pick the ones with the smallest combs, that's the best you can do. With welsummers as day old chicks, look for ones with a defined V on their head (boys V tends to be messier, not defined), eyeliner and > marking behind their eyes. If they are older chicks (2-3 weeks) it's easier, go for the ones with the salmon chest. (males feather in dark black/brown on the chest)

Here are my welsummers.

Day old, cockeral left (next to the BR cockeral) pullets on the right.

Week old pullet:

Other week old pullet:

Week old cockeral:

5 week old - cockeral front pullet back:
I think you have a pullet on the right. The one on the left looks like it may be a male, but it's harder to tell at the age they are right now. (eyeliner fades as they begin feathering in) In a few weeks, you'll know for sure!
The pictures in this thread are awesome, I'm going to try and identify mine again!

I've separated my little flocks into a few chicken tractors and the children accidentally got the Wellsummers with my brown leghorns. I wanted them with the Barred Rocks... LOL
I can't hardly tell the Welsummers and BL's apart.. their 6 wks.
Two pullets I think. Their Vs looked quite defined.

Why newtochooks, do you think the left one is a cockeral? The left's eye stripe looks quite good too.

Please UGAchick, update on your final verdict!
Well, I guess the jury is still out, issola. I will take some pictures this afternoon and let you decide!!

I don't really know what I am looking for. They sure are cute though!!

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