How to sell my eggs!!!

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    Mar 10, 2011
    My hens are laying to the point that I have a dozen or 2 I can sell a week. I had one lady buy a dozen for 2 dollars (with the carton), they were super excited but have not come back for more. My eggs are colorful and taste great! Everyone who I have given eggs to, say they are awesome, but NO ONE wants to buy them!!! What do I do, I post on facebook and I have dozens of potential customers who said b4 that they wanted to buy they aren't? 1.50 for smaller eggs and 2.00 for large eggs is not bad! So how do I sell!? I am 2 houses down from a busy street...should I put a sign on the corner when I have some for sale? I do have classifieds here in Utah, should I put up something there?? Any Ideas??
    [​IMG] This is one of the dozens I had for sale..........
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    May 11, 2010
    Can you post a small handmade via computer designed advertisement in your local feed store?
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    Tell you family and friends to spread the word for you. You can post flyers. You can post on Craigslist or any other free advertising network.
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    Mar 10, 2011
    Possibly....but the feed store is in the heart of country living where everyone has chickens.....I can still try!
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    Nov 7, 2010
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    Ask everywhere. The clerks of your favourite stores, facebook, emails, facebook, playgroups, senior centres, facebook. Did I mention facebook? [​IMG] If money is not such an issue as you wanting to get rid of the eggs, then ask at senior centres or food banks, or group homes if you can donate some.

    $150-$2 is cheap!
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  7. stone_family3

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    Apr 11, 2011
    What about at a small farmer's market? See if there are any other backyard chicken people you can combine forces with. Maybe if there are several of you selling you can make a decent profit.
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    If all you have to get rid of are a dozen or two per week, I wouldn't bother advertising.

    What I did was to phone up friends who happened to live nearby and were also located along the route I take to town when I go for weekly groceries. I asked them if they'd like a dozen eggs dropped off each Wednesday around 9 am, sort of like milk used to be delivered by a milkman. I charge $3 for a dozen that resemble your egg box, a bit more for people really out of the way.

    I've found that when people get a service along with a commodity, they'll be happy to become regular customers.
  9. CarolJ

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    I put a note on my facebook page asking if any of my local friends wanted eggs - I charge $2.50 a half dozen - and $4.00 a dozen. I only have two or three extra dozen a week, too - but they are all taken. I figure the money helps to cover some of the feed and treats I buy for my girls.
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    1 or 2 dozen a week is just enough for one or two new customers. It'll come to you through word of mouth. A lot of folks buy once or twice, but an egg better than they can buy in a supermarket for $1.09 doesn't interest them enough to be repeat buyers.

    I'm sure you didn't get into chickens to sell 50 dozen eggs a week. You got them because you wanted eggs and the flock keeping brings you enjoyment. If you never sell a bunch of eggs, it's OK. Enjoy your chickens. You can always feed the eggs back to the chickens for superior health. Don't grow your flock until your "business" demands it, which may never happen and that's OK.

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