how to separate food for layers and non-layers?


9 Years
May 2, 2010
I have 3 laying hens (actually I think they just stopped laying for the season) and a 12 week old pullet in one coop. They both need two different feeds, how do I accomplish this? And when can the pullet start on laying mash? I think if she has it too early, the calcium is bad for her, right?


p.s. - right now, until I figure out what to do, I just have the "quick-gro" in the feeder and no layer mash. The bigger ones love the quick gro!
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How about NOT feeding them separate feeds? Make your life easier - just feed grower/finisher feed, or the equivalent of FlockRaiser - to everybody and have crushed oyster shell out all the time, free choice?

I have SEVERAL different ages in my flock (and I'm always adding youngsters because I'm addicted to incubating and hatching) and I tried the separate feeds thing. The layers loved the all purpose (grower/finisher) feed and ate that instead of their layer feed, and I got a couple of soft eggs.

So I switched all the feeders to the all purpose feed and put out crushed oyster shell; I keep an empty tuna can filled, which is nailed to the coop wall next to the feeder, and I dump some in one spot in the yard they and the ducks like to pick it up, and one other small tin "bucket" in the front yard. Solved the problem.

Oyster shell is CHEAP.

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