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    Can anyone tell me how to ship a chicken? I live in Massachusetts and may need to ship a chicken to Missouri. Is there a special way to ship live animals or a special box I need to get? I would appreciate any advice. Thanks so much!!
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    I think that you have to buy a special box that allows the hot air to escape but keeps in cool air. Then you have to get a one to three day shipping. Not for sure but these were the shipping conditions when I ordered my adult rooster.[​IMG]
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    If you use the USPS for shipping, the box has to be a USPS approved shipping container for live birds. Expect to pay $20+ bucks to buy and ship the box to your home. Depending upon where you live, Express Mail might be your only option, expect to pay an additional $30+. Even if Priority shipping is available, I would advise against it if you ship during warm months, it gets pretty hot in those tractor trailers. Often times when you use Express, the receipent will get a phone call from the post office when the bird arrives.
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    the box I got from one guy in MO, costed me twelve dollars total.

    To ship an adult chicken from here to NY, cost about $55.00 Express Mail. There would be NO Priority ship on adult birds. Chicks can be shipped Priority.

    Be sure to add plenty more apples or grapes because sometimes USPS would re route the birds to the wrong destination and have to backtrack again. My SSH bantams was on the road for five days, all of them survived because of the xtra apples in there.

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