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    I show dogs in AKC occasionally, and I know poultry shows are not the same, but in my time of dog showing, I have been taught to do my research before throwing myself into something, and I was kind of wondering what poultry shows are all about. I'm not sure I'm in the correct forum, and I'm sorry if not, but this is the only "show information" forum I could find. I thought a poultry show might be fun to get into. When I am entering in a dog show, we have a host that goes through AKC. We can make online entries, see results of previous shows, and see upcoming shows for six months. Does poultry have an equivalent? Is there a national data base where results and breeding lines are registered, equivalent to the dog world's AKC and UKC?

    When a show is being judged, how is it separated by classes? Do you have multiple judges? How is a chicken judged?

    It's a lot of information, but I know nothing about it. :)

    This is Shaine. He's a retired show dog.

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    I would like to know more about it too.
    Hopefully someone will give us some info
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    Here's hoping. ;)
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    I'll do my best to answer what I can. The AKC equivalent in chickens is the APA (American Poultry Assoc.). On their website you can find past shows and I believe results as well. You don't register chickens like you do dogs just because of the sheer numbers chickens are capable of producing, however most serious breeders keep track of their lines closely.

    A show is separated by classes fairly similar to horses (not sure about dogs) by size, type, etc.
    Hope this helps a bit. Also know you either need to be NPIP certified or have all birds you're showing Pollorum/Typhoid tested.

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    Oh cool! Thanks so much. :) I'll check out the website and get my research on. WOOT!
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    Can any one point me in the right direction for finding some Lavender Orpingtons for show? I'd be interested in hatching eggs when I get an incubator (and learn how to use it).
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    Mar 21, 2014
    How would I go about showing my silkies? ie where do I register them what steps do I need to take to set them up and show them?

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