How to socialize chicks

Chicky Crazy

6 Years
Feb 27, 2013
I have four 14 week old chicks that are living outside. When they were little I held them for a little while then stopped. I'm so upset that I didn't hold them more! I want to let them out more but I hate the mesqitos! Is it to late to hold them? What are other ways I can socialize them?
I think a little human company will help, never too late..usually a little scratch mix or oats and my chickens come running. I'm new too,so I know what you are going through, good luck and don't worry..
Treats and calm movement. Repeat often. (But not so often you harm their nutrition.)

Sit with them and sprinkle the treats a little ways from you. Keep decreasing the distance the treats are sprinkled until they're willing to climb on you to get them :)
The number one secret to getting chicks to trust you is to get down on their level. Wear safety glasses if you have to. But the closer you can get to the ground, the better. Treats certainly grease the way, and be sure touching them is a condition of getting the treats.

Next time you get new chicks, though, install your brooder at waist level so you are reaching in for the chicks from the side, instead of above. I've found chicks raised in elevated brooders, as opposed to brooders sitting on the floor, are tame and trusting from day one.

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