How to spot Botulism

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    okay guys, this is going to be small as i only spotted some symptoms yesterday, three of my ducks/ducklings have already been effected by botulism, so im going to show you how to spot it before it paralyzes the duck or any other animal.

    So if you have an animal that always walks around and then one day it just stops and sits down and stays there the whole day and if that keeps happening for the next few days, thats how you know, you're animal might have botulism as it starts with the legs first. your animal will feel very weak in the legs, so it will sit down alot, the next thing to spot it, is the animal doesnt run or even come to you when you have food/water. What will happen from then is that most of the back end of the animal, will just drop. if you have a duck , the tail will look really funny and in a different angle. If your animal does have botulism, please do not keep any water near it as it will go for a drink and drown.

    Also botulism is commonly found in soil, rotting vegetable etc

    Ive written a post on how to stop it before it kills your duck.
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    Thanks, good to document!
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    Thanks for sharing with us, Bunny sure hope they all get over it.

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