How to Start Hatching Eggs??


Nov 24, 2019
North Texas
Hello All!!

I have never hatched my own eggs but I am ready to begin the research into it. Is there a book, website, or anything that you recommend? I am wanting to understand the whole process, research incubators, and just generally educate myself here.

Here's some general hatching information.

Chicken eggs are incubated for 21 days. The last three days are called 'Lockdown'.
Temperature in the incubator is supposed to be 99.5-100.5 throughout hatching. Humidity is a different thing. I know that some people have higher and some have lower, depending on their climates or incubators. I keep my humidity between 50%-55% for the first 18 days. During lockdown, the humidity needs to go up, I make it go up to 60%-65%. During lockdown you don't open the incubator for ANYTHING. Keep it shut.

I have a Nurture Right 360, which is about $130 at Tractor supply.
It can fit 22 eggs, has an auto-rotator (Eggs needed to be rotated throughout incubation, and if you have a turner you don't have to do it by hand), and keeps humidity and temperature wonderfully. I would definitely recommend it. There are other incubators, but I would tell you, NEVER buy a styrofoam incubator. I've had one, and it's a mess.

Candling is something important as well. I candle on day 7, 14, and 18. It allows you to see chicks growing, as well as find duds and take them out. I've heard that some candle more or less often, but this is what I read about.

There are plenty of knowledgeable people on this site, and I'm sure some others will chime and and be able to help you :)
I also think the nr-360 is a great incubator, there are several threads on this site about it, you can look it up in the search feature and see a ton. I started with it and love hatching so much, I got a bigger brinsea and I use them both.

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