How to stop a dog?

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    Apr 9, 2007
    I used to raise rabbits, but then one day 2 strays attacked my rabbits in their outside hutches. They tore the cages up and ripped the legs off of some of the rabbits, who had to be put down. None of my 15 rabbits was left untouched. I healed them up and then sold them as pets. I never seen the dogs again, other wise I would of shot them. My dog chased them off, she was my hero....

    Now I have chickens and ducks. My dog doesn't like them. She has gotten ahold of 3 chickens. I think she is just playing with them, but I won't have it. I have started putting her on te chain when they are out and she is fine then, they can walk up to her, drink her water and she is fine. My mom hates that her dog is on the chain all the time, but I don't want to lose any more to her. Is there a way I can stop her? She is a black & tan coonhound mix, so I don't know if it is possible or not.
  2. Im sorry i cant help but I sympathise with you all, you, your mum, your dog, your chickens!!and bunnies!
    If the dog grabs one try hanging the dead chicken off her/ his collar for a few days, that has worked for some people. there was a post on the board recently about dog attacks and ways to overcome them. I think it was "something grabbed my chickens" i dont know how to link it here, ill have to play around and learn.
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    Feb 4, 2007
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    Personally, I would never let a dog unsupervised around my chickens. My dogs have a fenced yard that they can hang out in, the chickens are free range during the day. One of my dogs got out over the weekend. (the front door was left open) and she went straight down to the barn and proceeded to scare my chickens. Thankfully no one was hurt. but this was totally my fault. I was more mad at the dog for not coming when I called her, than acting like a dog.

    Training is the best thing you can do for you and your dog.
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    Mar 10, 2007
    The Dog Whisperer would lay the dog on its side and place the chicken on the dog....tells the dog that the chicken is part of the "pack". Dog Whisperer is on the Discovery channel....pretty interesting.
  5. Wow that is interesting :The dog whisperer,
    There is always debate about dogs and chickens and breeds but every doggie has his/her own personality, some like them, some dont, its very hard to tap into their instincts, and then again there are some wonderful chickendogs here.!!godluvem
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    Chickflick, that's very interesting. I have always studied dog pack behavior and my dogs too won't leave my coop alone. My chickens are completely fenced in but still the dogs hang around the cage just waiting for an opportunity to pounce. I may try laying them on their sides with a chicken on top. It's worth a try. I'll let you know if it works or not. Julie [​IMG]
    Anytime you lay a dog on it's side and make it submit,,this is how wolfs discipline the wolf pack, I have done this to keep my dogs from getting in pack fights. It works! I've never tried it with a chicken! LOL
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    I don't know personally if anyone has turned a chicken hater/chaser from being one. Dogs by nature are predators and when a animal runs this triggers a predator reflex. I have heard the most docile dog can do this and especially if they are in a pack that gives chase. I am lucky that my dog Dodge just has this trait to love all animals. He is very good with all animals especially chickens. He is very calm around them but he will give chase if they run but not viciously. Some dogs were bred specifically for livestock guardians ie the great pyrenees. Dodge is unique in the fact he was not trained or bred for this task he became of it naturally. He is a small(40 lbs) beagle mix mutt and I have no idea what other breeds he can be. Maybe I will post a picture and maybe someone could tell me. I call him my St. Francis of Assisi of the animalworld.
  8. chickflick

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    Mar 10, 2007
    I'm lucky, my two dogs don't mind all the animals. Use to have rabbits, and the dogs didn't mind them either. The Sheltie wants to make friends with all the neighborhood pets, the Keeshound could give a rip. Krisrose's dog seems like he wants them for a snack. So, we're gonna try the dog whisperer trick with him. Some dogs are just hunters and won't ever trust a dog like that around chickens!

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    May 8, 2007
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    I have a 105 lb lab that loves "play" with everything. She plays tag with my mules in the pasture! I am expecting my first chicks soon and hope my dog will do ok with them by the time they are grown. I have a remote control "zap" collar that I got for her when I first started taking her on the trail with the mules. It has worked real well with all the other "behavior modification" issues, so I'm hoping a couple of zaps will be all it takes to let her know not to bother the chickens.
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    Mar 27, 2007
    My beagle mixed dog was also very sweet and gentle with my chickens. He was kept on a running cable that you put between two trees.

    The chickens actually slept on top of the dog during the day when I let them free-range. They all liked to eat and drink from his water bowl, and he "seemed" very content around them, freely letting them eat and drink with him. He was also VERY well fed.

    One day (may 16th)we went to a neighbors house in the early afternoon. Came back, and said dog had broken off cable, and 23 chickens and 1 duck found dead, with no blood, they were all laying around the yard in various places, really scattered and away from each other (a good half acre- 1 acre in area) , slobber all over there backs. Some were half buried in the dirt, like what the dog likes to do with his food. We found 4 chickens alive and 2 ducks (hiding in weeds). Out of those, 3 were wounded with a couple of teeth puncture marks on their upper back left leg.

    We found all of the bodies and his paw prints around them. I'm pretty sure the dog did it (has new home now).

    I recommend never leaving your dogs (gentle, compassionate, loving, or not) unsupervised around your chickens.

    Question... Would you leave your small children around a Stallion (horse) during breeding season or ANY season at all for that matter unsupervised and alone?
    You are doing the same thing with a dog... chickens are just natural dog food, check the ingredients on your bag of dog food if you don't believe me!
    NEVER trust your most trusting dog around your chickens!!!!

    The young boy on the black stallion movie was extremely supervised by PROFESSIONAL horse trainers, and MANY different horses were used... most being geldings and mares.

    I'm not saying that human children are horse food... I'm just saying that the dog is much bigger than that chicken usually and can hurt them intentionally or not.

    Now if you've raised your new born puppy around chickens, and have only fed them rice, AND you are a professional dog trainer... then perhaps there's hope. ^_^ <-- said in good humor

    Good luck everyone!!! May all your chickens be safe.

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