How to stop a Rooster from egg eating?

my sunwolf

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Apr 22, 2012
Southwest Virginia
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My Coop
Is the process the same as with a hen?

We recently moved coops and the flock is currently locked up for the day so they can adjust to their new home. One of my young roosters hopped into the nest boxes as soon as the hens left and is snarfing up all the eggs. Do you think he may just stop tomorrow when they're let out to free range and he has better things to do?
Drat, that's what I was worried about. I removed him from the coop and am hoping that if he can forget that there's golden deliciousness in the nests, he won't do it anymore. I wouldn't shed too many tears over culling him, though, as he's a hatchery roo and really just not that perfect.

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