How to tame a roo??


8 Years
Jun 5, 2011
Or can you? I have a roo and we've been really attached! But this week I've been noticing he's been attacking the pugs and other chickens. And this could be a danger to the other animals. And today when I went to pet him he bit me on the arm. LOL My black sex-link hen got mad at him for that! She charged him! It was pretty funny! But I really don't wanna get rid of him
Is there any way to tame him? Thanks..Any advice will help! :)
I can only relate my experiences based on what I've learned here. When he starts to get dominant w you, deal w it asap. Grab him & hold him & walk around the pen with him in your arms for all the world to see. If this doesn't work, I've read here that some people pin them down to exhibit the human dominance.

I'm embarrassed to say I talked w my foot several times w a testosterone-crazed sultan. We went thru a week of this "correction" until he finally got it. Poor Mr. Bob had gone from a sweetheart boy to He-Man once he was put with the hens.
You really do have to tell them who's the boss. Picture my 6'4" hubby chasing our tiny Black Silkie-Bantam cross roo around the yard after he (the roo) flew at him once in attack mode. LOL--He (my DH) was yelling "I'm the Big Rooster around here!" and flapping his wings--I mean...arms. ROFL
Luke the roo actually tried it a couple more times as soon as DH turned his back, but finally got the message, and they have an understanding now.
I agree with the others in that you must carry him around. However, to make friends what you can do is drop treats in front of him (first, before you give treats to the girls) and say "bock bock" in a very high pitched tone of voice, a treat call.

So you have to hide the treats otherwise everyone will gather round and you won't be able to give them to just him. Then he will probably call his girls over for them to eat the treat. Makes him look good.
well, he attacked me, and my first instinct was the boot, twice!
Haven't had a problem since. Last Sunday, DH was attacked, and
he grabbed, held him with his head down. Hasn't been a problem
since. We'll see!
I have tamed many animals from dogs to chickens to donkeys and they all tame the same... with food.

If you limit the access to his food for a few days then feed him first when you’re nearby, then from your hand, then while you’re holding him that will, very likely, tame him. He gets food only when you are there with him.

Also, with dogs and roosters establishing domanance by physicialy controling them seems to help too.

Some say it’s cruel but compare that to the alternative… beheading. Which do you think he would prefer?
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I beg to disagree. I've bred dobes, rotts, danes & terriers. My 1st line of training from birth is dominance. The suceeding training is food. It's worked the same w my roos. Respect 1st, friendliness 2nd.

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